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Jennie & Phil

"Veronica was so amazing throughout the wedding planning process. It was her quick response and impeccable organization that set her apart from all others. Her flexibility was also commendable;even with all the last minute changes she still manged to respond quickly. Our wedding was made possible all thanks to her, beginning with reviewing our contracts, contacting our vendors, creating a timeline, leading the rehearsal, setting up the tables the day of and all the other wonderful behind-the-scenes work she took on. She played an integral part in orchestrating the entire day! We cannot thank here enough for making our wedding day truly incredible. "

Cristina & Remo

Markie & Rashad

"Veronica was a truly unbelievable coordinator. I cannot recommend her enough. Her organizational skills, responsiveness and dedication are off the charts. Most importantly, I could really tell that she cared - she wanted the wedding to run perfectly (which she accomplished), just like I did. She was truly invested in our wedding throughout the full process. On the day of our wedding, I was able to relax and just enjoy the day, because I knew Veronica was all over the logistics and ensuring that all of our guests were having a fantastic time. She also did our flowers which were so beautiful! Thank you, Veronica!"

Shauna & Ali

Nikiya &  Assad

"Veronica and her assistants were AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator. She was so detail oriented, hard-working and pleasant to work with. She made sure that everything I asked for was done. She was a step ahead on every little detail. She knew where everyone should be at any given time (including me). She did an awesome job dealing with my huge wedding party. Everything came together so well, and I have to thank her for that."

Exquisitely Designed Events_Asamoah_C_DR
Kelli & Ryan.jpg

Kelli &   Ryan

"I'd like to just Brag about you real quick if that is ok!!! I have to honestly say Thank you Thank you Thank you for everything you did for Ryan and Myself for our wedding 10/27/18 you and the crew were honestly exactly what I needed to keep my head on straight. I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am to have had such an awesome planner to help with our Big Weekend... You guys CRUSHED IT!! You and the team were there from start to finish and made my stress and anxiety disappear, not to mention you made a believer out of Ryan! Thank you so much, Hiring Exquisitely Designed Events by Veronica was one of the best things I did! From the bottom of our Hearts, Ryan Felz and I thank you all! xoxo"

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